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Hey everyone in America! I'm nationally famous in your country now.

On Saturday at some point between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST, a short interview clip of me will be aired on national NPR radio show Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. It'll be on the "Bluff the Listener" segment. They said there was also a reply on Sunday but I don't know when.

Also, the article I wrote was linked on HuffPo. So weird.

Check it out if you want!

Tommy Lee's Wine Glass

So, this is funny. I have Tommy Lee's wine glass, with Tommy Lee's wine still in it, at home.

I want to take it on adventures and photograph its exploits. Where should I take it?

New Law Requires Baby to Paint Nursery, Name Baby Before Abortion

Thought some of you might enjoy this, if you didn't see it on Feministing.

It starts off a little bit funny, but keep watching, it gets really funny.

New Law Requires Women To Name Baby, Paint Nursery Before Getting Abortion
Pure gold.Collapse )

Nothing in Winnipeg

So, pursuant to New Year's Resolution number-something-or-other, I have put the finishing touches on my first style blog:


I'm planning to stick with this thing. It's going to be a mix of fashion finds, personal style stuff, Winnipeg lifestyle and entertainment, cool stuff from across the world, discussions on local news, and posts generally about reclaiming style for the average chick. (Or guy, I suppose.)

Anyway, please do drop by! My goal is to update at least once a day.

My next goal is to get a better camera for taking of teh photos.

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True sign my father is aging: he got a hearing aid the other day.

Equally true sign that he is not, and probably never will be, an old fart: it's Bluetooth-enabled. He's been answering his cell phone through his hearing aid.

Setting aside the fact that I had no idea he had a hearing issue ("I'm a good guesser, and you're used to me being a silent listener," explains the dyed-in-the-wool psychotherapist), I find his new toy totally hilarious and awesome.


Also, because I hate myself, I finally got a Twitter:


So uh, follow me, or whatever. So you can get all my hot twats.

Combat School

For those who remember my trip to Alberstan in 2006 -- the trip where I roleplayed media in a live warzone roleplay exercise with the Canadian military -- you may be interested to know that Albertastan now has a reality show.

It's called Combat School, and it's showing on the Discovery Channel.

Look it up. It's fascinating I think for outsiders. For me, it's almost heartbreaking. I recognize a couple of the people so far -- two Opfor guys, and at least one civilian roleplayer, maybe more.

I can't explain it. It tugs at my heartstrings. I loved that place, that environment, those people. I loved being there. Seeing the FOB again almost makes me want to cry. I wish I was there, sleeping on those surprisingly comfortable military cots, rolling around in those LAVs, waiting for a tank to pass so I can hit up an outhouse.

It's strange how sad this is. Exhilerating to see it again, albeit in TV format, but it makes me miss it. I've been all "Wow, that's the town where they killed the mayor!"

Holy Crap Guys

What's going on outside today?

I'm not sure I currently have the tools with which to understand what's happening out there in a proper context.

Is this... the thing they call spring?

Stuff Journalists Like

A colleague shared this blog of ultimate win with me:


Seriously you guys. Seriously. I know most of you are not journalists, but it is my experience and belief that this list is 100% accurate, from vending machines to weather stories.

There is quite seriously nothing in there that hasn't made a meaningful impact on my career thus far, except for perhaps the "throwing shoes" thing, which is fairly journalist-specific.

This is basically the desk of everyone in the newsroom except for me. I found a yellowed copy of a paper from 1999 on one of my coworker's desks there once, slipping out from under a pile.

And this, sadly, accurately summarizes my feelings on the situation at our paper and others.

No crime has been proven, and I haven't had the chance to disprove any crime

I haven't followed the whole Blagoevich fiasco beyond what crops up on CNN, but after watching the ex-gov's little pre-impeachment speech, I suspect that he is conducting a truly epic IRL trolling of the state of Illinois. Sooner or later someone will connect his IP to his real identity, and much lols and cat macros will be had across the state.

Or at least, I have no other way to explain what the hell his deal is.

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